Hard Disk Data Erasure Service

Gentronics provide the very latest systems and technologies for data destruction on hard drives (HDD or SSD’s), including operating system drives and storage drives. Our services include a auditable process and certificate of data destruction, security monitoring, so you can be assured that your data is always destroyed appropriately. Erasure to NIST standard and CESG approved standard – the choice is yours.

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Gentronics have an array of systems for hard disk data destruction, from rapid wiping solutions that can handle up to 32 disks at a time – to the most sophisticated device shredders that can pulp your discs to granules of less than 6mm diameter.


Gentronics can provide Data Wiping on the complete range of media including; Hard Disks, SSD’s, USB pens/sticks, CD/DVD’s, Mobile Phones, Tapes and more.

Media Type Service Location Result Security Grade
Hard Disk Erasure Secure Wipe Our facility Re-useable disk Bronze
Hard Disk Erasure Secure Wipe Your location Re-useable disk Silver
Hard Disk Destruction Shredding Our facility Total Device Destruction Silver
Hard Disk Destruction Shredding Your Location Total Device Destruction Gold

Our data wipe solutions provide you with a totally secure data destruction guarantee. Choose either a secure erase and device functionality test – or a secure erase of the entire data area of the disk. Both options will return the disk media to you in a totally reusable state.

Gentronics’ system can erase data on up to 80 devices simultaneously, either at our facility or yours. Fully compliant to US DoD, NIST and UK CESG platforms Gentronics solutions provide an automated and certified process that you can rely on.

  • DoD and CESG compliant data erasure services
  • ADISA compliant data erasure services
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 compliant processes
  • WEEE recycling compliant processes
  • Data Protection Act, PAS 141 & HMG IA Standard 5 compliant processes

The Gentronics range of data destructions solutions is specifically designed to carry out advanced, secure, permanent and auditable erasure of official, official sensitive, secret and top secret (IL6) data. Our specialist solutions include a CESG hardware based multi-drive erasure system.

Gentronics sophisticated device shredding systems provide total device and data destruction whenever you need it, to government-approved standards. The systems include autoloaders, photographic evidence features and serial number recording.

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With all data destruction solutions, we can provide serial number logs and data destruction certificates alongside our own ERP system audit. Gentronics’ Data Destruction Services are easily adaptable to your specific requirements and will ultimately ensure that your sensitive data will never be misused.

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The choice is yours; Gentronics can provide on-site or off-site hard disk wipe and shredding solutions.

Gentronics’ mobile data destruction solution can be deployed to either shred or wipe your media at your convenience at your location. Our mobile solution has CCTV camera’s installed to record the entire process from end to end.

Where the number of devices or security requirements are comparatively low, then Gentronics can provide an off-site service in our secure facility, where we can either return for reuse or destroy all hard disk media.

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