IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Device Shredding Service

Gentronics shredding solution offers a complete physical hardware destruction service for businesses and individuals. We have the expertise to safely destroy your computer hardware assets and provide irrefutable proof that no physical data remains.

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Where data erasure is not an option, our device shredding solution guarantees a fully compliant service, no matter if you need one device shredded or an entire data centre’s worth of assets.


Collections can be made point-to-point on dedicated vehicles, securely carrying your assets directly back to our premises. This ensures your data is not put at risk and also that your assets are not inadvertently mixed with another customers’.

Equipment is logged in on collection and allocated a consignment reference immediately. This enables your assets to be tracked right through our process. Your assets are protected by digital CCTV systems and central station monitored intruder alarms.

For total physical destruction we shred your devices in our compliant shredding system, which permanently destroys the storage media (including drives and tapes), making data retrieval totally impossible. All magnetic tape media is then incinerated at an ‘Energy from Waste’ facility. This is the most secure and environmentally friendly method of recycling this sensitive product.

Customer assets remain within our control until the data has been successfully erased or the data carrying device has been destroyed. We do not consign data carrying assets to any third-party processors unless they have been 100% sanitised.

Our government-approved high-security shredder is capable of destroying all data carrying devices, including:

  • Hard drives
  • Tapes
  • CDs
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • USB sticks
  • In fact – any device that is capable of carrying data
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We work to the highest Government and Private Sector standards to ensure complete peace of mind regarding your data. Extremely sensitive data, such as employee details, brand/proprietary information or financial information needs specialist care when being destroyed, and our processes provide you with a fully compliant audit trail along with irrefutable proof that all data on the device has been permanently destroyed.

  • We are fully accountable, and Certificates of Disposal are issued for every consignment we receive.
  • We also provide on-site data destruction solutions approved to the highest CESG level (Top Secret).

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