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Chasing M2 Pro

Authorised Chasing ROV Repair Centre

Gentronics are the UK certified in & out of warranty service provider for the full range of Chasing Remotely Operated Vehicles. Gentronics Solutions Ltd. are proud to announce its agreement to…

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Best methods for Hard Drive Data Sanitisation

What are the priorities? We know that disposing of used hard drives can bring risks to data security.  But what are the options and what are our obligations when it comes to Hard Drive Data…

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Nexsan Storage Array RAID Controller Repair

Can you repair a RAID controller?

Yes, you can repair a RAID controller. The simple answer is; Yes, you can repair a RAID controller.  But before we get into the nuts and bolts.  What actually is a RAID controller and where do they…

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Repair Test Hardware Support

Hardware Support providers see benefit of repair

Why now is this having a larger impact than ever? Hardware Support providers see the benefits of repair.  Why now is this having a larger impact than ever?  We’re all aware of the global supply chain…

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How to best repair a Tape Drive?

So, where do we start? Before you grab your T8 Torx Screwdriver.  How do you repair or maybe not repair a Tape Drive?  Can this be done by the enthusiast or is it best left to the professional?  Over…

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