IT Systems Rental Service

Gentronics provide a complete computer systems rental solution for businesses that need to extend their data centre capabilities on a temporary basis.

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There a number of reasons a computer rental solution might be a better alternative than an outright purchase, but whatever the reason, you still need an exact configuration, supplied and supported as though you had purchased the equipment.


Gentronics offer bespoke solutions, providing you with exactly what you need as opposed the closest match we have in our fleet (which is the case with many other rental companies). We can supply rental solutions for almost any hardware requirement, from single features, disk or extra memory through to complete systems.

Our rental solutions are available for system, storage & networking solutions from all major vendors – IBM, HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Dell EMC, NetApp and more.

Our team has worked with all the leading hardware vendors for over 20 years. We are entrusted to manage their customer evaluation programmes for mid-range servers and storage.

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Our IT finance and rental solutions are perfect for those businesses that need a temporary solution for their computing and storage needs, including:

  • Try before you buy and evaluate the latest servers and storage prior to purchase.
  • Defer purchase until the budget is available with our purchase-off rental option.
  • Test software and new operating systems and avoid risking your live in-house systems.
  • Avoid the need to purchase and opt for rental to provide extra storage, or processing power, when and where you need it during temporary workload peaks.
  • Provide rental swing-kit, allowing you to relocate your data centre without any down-time.
  • Set up a temporary office for short-term projects.
  • Flexible terms – as short as one week through to months and years
  • Delivery in 48-72hrs in most cases
  • A full installation service where applicable
  • Maintenance can be provided to cover the hardware during the contract
  • The option to allow the minimum term to be extended or to convert the rental to ownership at any point

If you need to rent any hardware – regardless of type, timescale or purpose – please contact us today.

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