IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Decommissioning Services

Gentronics Solutions engineers can decommission and recover any hardware from your data centre, including server, storage and networking with the minimum of fuss – while protecting your assets and data.

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Gentronics IT engineers and technicians are fully conversant with all states of data centre hardware, including; specialist systems for airline, financial services and manufacturing industries.

Our team conduct a thorough audit of all data points and assets before conducting a fully tracked asset decommissioning process.


The Gentronics asset decommissioning process is designed to exceed current legislation and industry compliance recommendations at every step. Our team of IT system engineers provide a comprehensive site audit prior to developing a decommissioning plan for your review.

Only when you are fully satisfied with our end-to-end decommissioning process will we begin the process of decommissioning your assets.

Our process also protects your remaining systems, ring fencing any current and operational platforms to guarantee minimal disruption.

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As information technology became essential for business operations, organisations built, owned and operated data centres of all scales to manage and control their data. Gentronics helps these companies manage decommissioning and removal of data centre assets where that equipment has become obsolete.

Today we frequently work in live environments, retiring select servers and racks and destroying hard drives and tapes while ring-fencing the live equipment. We also help manage the permanent shut-down of company owned data centres where those organisations are moving to third party or cloud hosted environments.

Decommission Obsolete Equipment
We systematically remove all racked equipment and cabinets. Equipment is moved to a staging area and prepared for shipping.

Removal of network, data and power cabling
We will access and remove redundant cabling where necessary.

Lease Returns
We can prepare your redundant equipment of end-of-lease returns to the lessor.

Data Destruction
We can systematically erase, wipe or physically shred all of your data bearing assets such as hard drives and tapes. Learn more about our data destruction services.

Asset Tracking and Shipping
Gentronics will assist in reconciling your equipment lists and preparing for decommissioned assets to be shipment.

Refurbish, Resell and Recycle
Gentronics will ship your legacy equipment to our facility where assets are prepared for resale or recycling. Learn more about our recycling and reselling services.


Only Gentronics can provide a comprehensive end to end decommissioning process, including asset audits, data sanitisation via shredding, data wiping, label removal, physical destruction and erasure.

Our process delivers a fully tracked and audited decommissioning asset trail which is completed on site and during our service.  We are able to undertake an audit and site assessment to discuss your requirements before any services commence.

Gentronics are partnered with leading recycling specialists to help manage the final disposal of all computer assets from your environment. Our record of success includes working with businesses and major cloud companies to provide periodic decommissioning of older data centre equipment. In addition, we work with businesses who are closing down corporate data centres as work moves to the cloud.

We provide bulk on-site data destruction services and complete buy-back, resell and recycling services for retired data centre equipment. We also proactively develop entire programs for our client’s legacy data centre technologies.

  • Staged decommissioning of older equipment
  • Decommissioning and shut down of stand-alone corporate data centres
  • Cage clean-outs at co-located sites
  • On-site data destruction services – including data erasure and shredding projects
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If you are looking to sell or part-exchange any surplus or redundant storage products, then Gentronics may be the answer. We can take your old stock, value it against the market price and enter it into the brokerage market after sanitising all data.

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