Network Switch Repair Service

Gentronics are able to repair most makes of network switch, including; Cisco, HP, Cisco, Juniper and Aruba. Common faults include motherboard failures and power supply problems.

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Gentronics repair all types of enterprise network equipment, including routers, switches and servers. Our qualified technicians can repair out of warranty top of rack switches and Modular chassis switches, with rapid returns to your data centre ready for reinstallation and commissioning.


The Gentronics team are able to diagnose and repair your network infrastructure. If you are suffering lost packets or a total network failure in your data centre please contact us. We can help to diagnose faults within your network switches, and we can perform rapid repairs to see you the expense of replacement.

Where legacy network equipment is in use, we can repair rather than replace. Often a network will demand specific protocols or security that more modern equipment may over-rise. It could be more complicated to replace an older switch rather than repair the old one.

Our network repair service centre includes:

  • Gentronics own repair laboratory
  • Unique network fault diagnostic tools
  • Vendor specific fault diagnostic routines

If your switch is suffering with intermittent errors or a specific fault, please contact us for a quick service quote. All work is undertaken at our specialist facility with trained engineers in the UK and to OEM standards.

We guarantee our repairs and include fast return delivery, so any network downtime is minimised.

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